“Stop! That’s Crazy-Making!”

If you are screaming that in your head or out loud, you are very likely dealing with passive-aggressive behavior. And, yes. It is crazy-making.

The good news is that you can learn to manage yourself well around passive-aggressive behavior.

You can also, if you are very insightful and wise, learn to manage passive-aggressive behavior within yourself.


In others, passive-aggressive behavior coming our way seems sneaky. It surprises you, infuriates and frustrates you. And, it happens over and over. It does make you second-guess yourself and wonder if it is you who is losing it. It’s not! There is much you can learn that will help you create the boundaries required to assert yourself in a passive-aggressive relationship.

In yourself, passive-aggressive behavior may send people away from you. They do not want to be caught in your web so they may well avoid you.  They find ways not to invite you along, or good reasons for being too busy to see you.

The folks you are related to may not move away entirely but you will erode their respect, their trust and their desire to spend time with you. And, in many families, it’s contagious. That means then you’ll all drive each other crazy but blame each other for doing it.  Not a recipe for warm fuzzies, is it?

GOOD NEWS! Passive-aggressive behavior can be managed, changed and put out to pasture.